Don’t Lose the Joy of Gifting. It’s Precious!

Let’s gift this summer…
…a cotton sari to Ma…
…a retro scarf for Maya and an eyeshade for Kabir…
…a wallet to dad…
…let’s buy some drapes for the room…and also a pink-and-white bed cover.
Oops…that comes up to 6 grand…IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Have to cut down the list a little – let’s leave the drapes and bed cover for later. Can’t cut down on Maya’s and Kabir’s gifts. It’s their birthday after all. Ma gifted dad a wallet just last year. Guess he won’t need one till the next year. So, we are left with a scarf and an eyeshade. OMG, this is still 3000/-! May be I can give a book to Kabir. He likes reading. And a book will come for 500/-. Scarf + book = 1000/-. Okay, that’s decent.

How many of you have gone through the process of planning and slashing down and re-planning? And, in the process, losing the joy of gifting? The ever-increasing prices often tend to dampen the gifting spirit in many.
Giftxoxo wishes to keep your enthusiasm and delight intact. To this end, we have introduced a 1-2-3 process. Now, you can get together with your friends and organize small tokens of love for those who mean a lot to you, WITHOUT having to spend exorbitantly.

Simply. Effortlessly. Quickly.

 Create an event. Choose a gift. Spread the word through your Facebook friends and invite them to contribute.

 Your friends can select a different gift (if they do not like the one you are gifting) or contribute to the same one.

 The person you are planning to gift can suggest new gifts (in case s/he doesn’t like the one proposed) or simply redeem the gift you have chosen.

Get smart and try out the latest gifting trend with Giftxoxo.

Happy Gifting


Why Do You Gift During Special Occasions?

What did you do in your lover’s last birthday? Gave her one of those ‘sweet wonderfuls’? Made her feel special with cards, chocolates and flowers? But why? What was the need for a gift? She would have been fine with some lovey-dovey hugs and kisses? However, you felt the need to gift her something nice because


Special Occasions



Gifting has become so commonplace that no one questions the significance behind it. But how did the concept of giving gifts come into existence? Of course, like every other tradition, the gift-giving custom got reinforced over time.

Ancient Babylonians believed in a supernatural figure called Nimrod. After the death of Nimrod, Semiramis, his mother and wife (yes, he was married to his mother), claimed that an evergreen tree sprang from a dead stump, overnight. To honor this occasion, Semiramis started the custom of cutting down and decorating evergreen trees. This was the beginning of “doing something special” on occasions.

This incident is linked to another in Rome, where people followed a tradition of presenting tokens of good luck, called strenae, to the Emperor. Gifts of gold, silver and expensive apparels were given in exchange of special favors. This tradition was practiced during the festival of Saturnalia, wherein the Romans commemorated their dedication to God Saturn. The festival was characterized by animal sacrifice, singing, gift-giving, feasting and debauchery. This event cemented the concepts of celebrating and gifting.

However, both the occasions were pagan rituals. Gift-giving entered the Christian world when Pope Julius I ordered the celebration of the birth of Christ on December 25, in 350 AD, in an effort to convert the pagans to Catholics. The Bible, too, reinforces the custom of gift-giving, by mentioning the Three Wise Men (or the Magis) who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.

Despite this, the custom of exchanging gifts became popular only in the 19th century. The tales of Santa Claus coupled with the phenomenon of retailing, made exchange of gifts the central focus of Christmas. During the 1800s, baby showers had also begun gaining prominence in the western society. All this together led to the raging popularity of giving and exchanging gifts, which continues till date.