399073_390566824368796_1586421258_nDon’t panic, It’s just a title. I am not going to ask you questions and you have to answer that by buzzing me as everybody calls me Buzzer. It’s a story about how me, Nishant (a internee at turned into Buzzer (My office name). Phew!!! It’s in office only. Buzzer, what are you doing? Have you completed your work, Buzzerrr!!! Buzzer where is today’s report. Buzzerrr!!!! Write a blog on how you got your name. So, HERE IT IS: Giftxoxo turned a living being into a thing that will be buzzed every time, everywhere and by everyone.

It started like this: One day I was, as usual, sitting in front of my laptop when suddenly Anoop sir (Product Manager at with his cunning smile asked us (intern team) to accompany him. We went to the restaurant, ordered things( i don’t really remember) and was waiting, when suddenly i again saw that cunning smile and then he said…It will take some time as we have just ordered, why not u all, new intern, entertain us (old intern+ Shazeem sir + Anoop sir) . He has asked for the same thing before and I just cracked a joke that time but know i knew that i can’t get away with joke. So, I decided to Introduce everybody of what BUZZER ROUND means In IIT. But then i realized that its content can’t be disclosed in public especially when you have a Girl (IITian) in your team. So, my team mate, Naman (IIT Kanpur) introduces all of us with a different version of buzzer round and yeah, this version is meant for the public especially when you have a Girl (IITian) in your team. But the I realized, i know i was late in realizing that, she belongs to IIT so she must have known the meaning of BUZZER ROUND and then i disclosed the real version in front of everyone. And Anoop sir came with a name of mine BUZZER. My team mates also got their name as Madhuri, Twitter and Rubik’s. I think they would also be writing a blog on how do they got their names.

If somebody is really interested to know what BUZZER ROUND IS, call me.


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