The Intern Diaries- Sai Kishore

An internship at giftxoxo is also a unique experience in itself. Lots of learning and loads of fun. A parting mail from one of our interns, Sai Kishore.

Hi sir,

It was a very good experience at and really enjoyed my stay.I really thank you for the opportunity given to me.After the internship i feel very confident and gave me a very good picture of outside world.This internship will definitely be forever to cherish in my life as it was my first one.Learned a lot of things from it and aditya sir,manoj gupta sir were very helpful and constantly supporting throughout the internship,especially aditya sir was providing lot of information every time and was very much guiding during my stay.Now i see my course in a very different picture in a more realistic way than before.Thank you very much once again for the opportunity


Giftxoxo wishes you success in all your future endeavours Kishore.


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