The Intern Diaries- Day 0 at giftxoxo

It was the first day of my internship, I was really nervous as it being my first work place, I had no idea of

When I came to know about it I was pretty much impressed and moved by the concept. Though it looks very conventional it isn’t its actually eccentric. People now are getting busy and their social life has been very much affected. So this has come out with feature which brings back this lustre. It may be a simple gesture of gifting our peers with a gift but they add that unique touch of creativity which makes the gift one of the most cherished, memorable gifts in their lives.
The best part of is their reach. Its reach includes several nations like Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE etc. The gift can be as small as a pen but even then it means a lot to the receiving person as he/she feels someone is very close to him.

In this generation which demands people to be machines, we needed something of this sort and thus satisfies every such need.

Proud to be part of this group, as I am indirectly making someone happy.

Anirudh Mahi (Fondly called Sharmili)


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