The Intern Diaries- Day 0 at giftxoxo

It was the first day of my internship, I was really nervous as it being my first work place, I had no idea of

When I came to know about it I was pretty much impressed and moved by the concept. Though it looks very conventional it isn’t its actually eccentric. People now are getting busy and their social life has been very much affected. So this has come out with feature which brings back this lustre. It may be a simple gesture of gifting our peers with a gift but they add that unique touch of creativity which makes the gift one of the most cherished, memorable gifts in their lives.
The best part of is their reach. Its reach includes several nations like Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE etc. The gift can be as small as a pen but even then it means a lot to the receiving person as he/she feels someone is very close to him.

In this generation which demands people to be machines, we needed something of this sort and thus satisfies every such need.

Proud to be part of this group, as I am indirectly making someone happy.

Anirudh Mahi (Fondly called Sharmili)


The Intern Diaries- Sai Kishore

An internship at giftxoxo is also a unique experience in itself. Lots of learning and loads of fun. A parting mail from one of our interns, Sai Kishore.

Hi sir,

It was a very good experience at and really enjoyed my stay.I really thank you for the opportunity given to me.After the internship i feel very confident and gave me a very good picture of outside world.This internship will definitely be forever to cherish in my life as it was my first one.Learned a lot of things from it and aditya sir,manoj gupta sir were very helpful and constantly supporting throughout the internship,especially aditya sir was providing lot of information every time and was very much guiding during my stay.Now i see my course in a very different picture in a more realistic way than before.Thank you very much once again for the opportunity


Giftxoxo wishes you success in all your future endeavours Kishore.


399073_390566824368796_1586421258_nDon’t panic, It’s just a title. I am not going to ask you questions and you have to answer that by buzzing me as everybody calls me Buzzer. It’s a story about how me, Nishant (a internee at turned into Buzzer (My office name). Phew!!! It’s in office only. Buzzer, what are you doing? Have you completed your work, Buzzerrr!!! Buzzer where is today’s report. Buzzerrr!!!! Write a blog on how you got your name. So, HERE IT IS: Giftxoxo turned a living being into a thing that will be buzzed every time, everywhere and by everyone.

It started like this: One day I was, as usual, sitting in front of my laptop when suddenly Anoop sir (Product Manager at with his cunning smile asked us (intern team) to accompany him. We went to the restaurant, ordered things( i don’t really remember) and was waiting, when suddenly i again saw that cunning smile and then he said…It will take some time as we have just ordered, why not u all, new intern, entertain us (old intern+ Shazeem sir + Anoop sir) . He has asked for the same thing before and I just cracked a joke that time but know i knew that i can’t get away with joke. So, I decided to Introduce everybody of what BUZZER ROUND means In IIT. But then i realized that its content can’t be disclosed in public especially when you have a Girl (IITian) in your team. So, my team mate, Naman (IIT Kanpur) introduces all of us with a different version of buzzer round and yeah, this version is meant for the public especially when you have a Girl (IITian) in your team. But the I realized, i know i was late in realizing that, she belongs to IIT so she must have known the meaning of BUZZER ROUND and then i disclosed the real version in front of everyone. And Anoop sir came with a name of mine BUZZER. My team mates also got their name as Madhuri, Twitter and Rubik’s. I think they would also be writing a blog on how do they got their names.

If somebody is really interested to know what BUZZER ROUND IS, call me.

The Naming Saga- Main madhuri banna chahti hoon


It was Saturday (end of my first week) at my first internship @ and then came a mail showing monthly meeting notification.I was quite excited about what is about to happen in the meeting. Though I thought it to be a formal one but it came out to be an informal meeting giving rewards and recognition to the “first intern batch” of Giftxoxo. They were really great guys who have helped me a lot during their last days and my initial days. After certificate distribution to all the interns, came the time of STAR INTERN award. We were ask to make guesses and many different names came out shouting and finally it was “MOHIT”, aka feedback guy.

He started with his working experience and didn’t stop, after listening to him even the one left early (DEEPAK aka FUSE guy) without saying much about their work and experience came up and started again. It took so long that even our seniors ask them to cut short. Following this was cake cutting celebration (for which we waited too long, waiting for an employee from old office) on which everybody jumped as hungry mad people(it was really funny site), we also had snacks and cold drinks.

Prior to Saturday, all the new intern (me and nishant) were ask to entertain everyone by cracking joke during lunch when our order was pending.

Although I cracked a joke scanning a funny message from my mobile inbox, nishant wasn’t able to do so.

So he was asked by ANOOP sir to learn 50 (without googling)jokes and for me it was 25(with help of google). (Anoop sir was doing all this to prove that even new office is fun, which I came to know after this meeting..:P).

Coming back to Saturday, we were about to perform with this jokes in front of everyone. So it started with nishant and everyone was laughing hilariously and then came my turn. I started saying “ maibhiek joke sunatihu” and the a loud synchronised voice came “NAHIIIii……… woho chukka h kuchaurkro.” Next what I could see was nishant laughing at me and acting “mai to bachgaya”.

Then everyone started suggesting whati can do?, with aka FUSE suggestion that “I know she dances well”.

He too danced well so it was finalised that we would be dancing together.

Finally after short practice we performed on “badtameezdil”..which was highly enjoyed by everyone and guess what I got my name MADHURI from Anoop sir.

“MADHURI and FUSE ka badtameez performance it was”..

Giftxoxo Campus Ambassador Programme


Details of the CA programme:

  • Stipend: Nil
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Application Deadline: 15 June 2013
  • Start date: Immediate/ Beginning of next academic session
  • No. of openings: 2 per Campus
  • Location: Work from Campus
  • Eligibility Criteria: All UG and PG students

Benefits to Campus Ambassador:

  • A unique opportunity to work with a start-up
  • Certificate of recommendation
  • Goodies from every month based on performance
  • A chance to get internship and full time job at
  • Platform to develop and hone leadership skills while adding credibility to your resume at the same time
  • Chance to work with senior professionals from IIT/IIM backgrounds

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Publicize in your college and other circles, both through Online and Offline Mediums, word of mouth etc.
  • Keeping us updated about all the events (fests etc.) going on in your college and publicizing giftxoxo during these events as per our mutual convenience.
  • Get bulk orders for Tshirts, Bags, Stationery etc through for any campus requirements

How to Apply:

Send us your resume at with ‘ CA programme-College Name- Student Name’ in subject line.

Write to us for any queries.

Corporate gifting in HR


Gifts, as you would know, have become a sine-qua-none for healthy modern relationships. Personal gifts have been in reckoning for years now but of late, corporate gifting has also started gaining traction. Corporate gifts, generally presented to a company’s internal and external customers (including existing and prospective clients) are critical for a company’s image and its relationship with its clients. They are also used to show appreciation for business partners. These have proved to be time tested promotional tools for the companies and individual professionals, and have demonstrated immense promise in bring in desired positive results. Corporate gifts are seen to have symbolic meanings. They represent a vote of thanks when given to old customers and a symbol of recognition for their valuable contribution to the business growth when presented to the internal customers i.e. the employees. This gifting culture helps both the parties to a professional relationship and helps assert personal connection between the provider and the receiver.


Corporate gifts are generally ordered in mass quantities and are used for various office functions and events in different departments like Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Purchase etc. These events and functions can be of varied importance and magnitude for the companies ranging from small meetings and, reward and recognition programs to large ATL and BTL promotions, trade promotions, incentives, conferences, convocations, guest lectures, new product launch ceremonies, annual dinners, management conventions, channel partner programs, and loyalty programs etc.

Giftings can also be very specific to different departments like HR and Marketing based on preference of different personality types and intradepartmental functions. HR department, very specifically, have traditionally been responsible for issues like organizational developments (OD) and employee motivations. A past survey shows that around 38% of the employers worldwide prefer thank you gifts as their favorite means to recognize employees.

HR department organize employee reward and recognition programs to honor outperforming employees, conduct recruitment drives across various campuses and in different cities for hiring new employees and are also responsible for organizing company annual functions like annual dinners, founder’s day celebrations etc. The HR department for these purposes, need different corporate gifts spread across two major categories namely Business-to-staff (B2S) for existing and prospective employees and business-to-business (B2B) for partners and external customers. Various items that can be considered by HR department for these gifting needs include customized office supplies, stationeries, apparels, electronic items, trophies, art and craft items, Chocolates, Greeting cards, clocks and watches, gift vouchers etc. But what gifts do the HR professionals prefer the most to give to their employees? Interestingly previous researches give the following results:

Chocolate, coffee & other goodies 47%
Books & music 32%
Individualized gifts 14%
Charitable Gifts 7%


Moving on to the other side of the equations, people usually gift the HR professionals to keep a good repo with them and as a note of thanks for their efforts in building and sustaining a cheerful organization culture. There can be many options to consider while gifting to any HR but the same research shows that most HR professionals like to receive the following:

Speciality food or spirits 62%
Gifts that pamper 29%
Gifts that give back/time with friends/family 9%

Some of these preferred gift items include home brew equipment and supplies, gems and jewelries and personalized cards etc.

i_love_hr_tote_bag can help you select from a finest range of corporate gifts, be it for an HR professional or by an HR professional. We provide customized gifting solutions where we understand your requirements and suggest gifts according to your brief. We can print, emboss, engrave or embroider the logo or tag lines on the products as per the requirements and we assure end to end services in terms of gift packaging and delivery to end consumer. We have competitive edge over our customers owing to our transparent business policies, prompt deliveries and wide range of high quality products to serve all your gifting needs.

In a nutshell, corporate gifting gives you an opportunity to connect with your clients and employees, strengthen the ties, and share your holiday cheer. You just need to browse through and select the gift items of your choice and we will take care of the rest from packaging to delivery of best gifts for your upcoming events and functions at the choice of your location. Happy gifting!

Corporate gifts in HR