A Unique Bond Called Friendship

The bond of friendship

Friendship day is a day for celebrating a unique relation called friendship between people. Initially created by the greeting card industry, it is now a day which is celebrated across several parts of the globe.

“True friends are hard to find, so if you have one, make sure that you let your friend know on this day how much they mean to you.”

Friendship Day is a day when people from all races come together to learn from one another. Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in most countries. People acknowledge their friendship towards each other by exchanging gifts and cards. Friendship bands are very popular in India. A person with the maximum number of friendship bands at the end of the day is considered to have the maximum number of friends. With the advent of social networking sites, Friendship Day is also being celebrated online. People who stay in different parts across the globe make it a point to wish their friends through social networking sites on this day. “Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.” Friendship is a bond which is not that easy to break. Our friends know us more than our family members do. They have stayed by our side whenever we needed them. Friends are our second parents. They guide us when we are lost, they like us for who we are, they don’t judge us and make remarks. They have always been with us through our troubles and jollies.
To honor this impressive bond between friends, gifts are exchanged on this day. Gifts that are generally given to friends are chocolates, gifts, cakes and flowers. If the person is a close friend of ours we don’t mind buying expensive gifts to show the love and affection we have towards them. Friends who barely speak to each other also make it a point to wish each other on this day. Friends staying in the same city go out for a coffee, lunch or dinner and maybe even a movie, or just hang out together at their homes.
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