Corporate gifting in HR


Gifts, as you would know, have become a sine-qua-none for healthy modern relationships. Personal gifts have been in reckoning for years now but of late, corporate gifting has also started gaining traction. Corporate gifts, generally presented to a company’s internal and external customers (including existing and prospective clients) are critical for a company’s image and its relationship with its clients. They are also used to show appreciation for business partners. These have proved to be time tested promotional tools for the companies and individual professionals, and have demonstrated immense promise in bring in desired positive results. Corporate gifts are seen to have symbolic meanings. They represent a vote of thanks when given to old customers and a symbol of recognition for their valuable contribution to the business growth when presented to the internal customers i.e. the employees. This gifting culture helps both the parties to a professional relationship and helps assert personal connection between the provider and the receiver.


Corporate gifts are generally ordered in mass quantities and are used for various office functions and events in different departments like Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Purchase etc. These events and functions can be of varied importance and magnitude for the companies ranging from small meetings and, reward and recognition programs to large ATL and BTL promotions, trade promotions, incentives, conferences, convocations, guest lectures, new product launch ceremonies, annual dinners, management conventions, channel partner programs, and loyalty programs etc.

Giftings can also be very specific to different departments like HR and Marketing based on preference of different personality types and intradepartmental functions. HR department, very specifically, have traditionally been responsible for issues like organizational developments (OD) and employee motivations. A past survey shows that around 38% of the employers worldwide prefer thank you gifts as their favorite means to recognize employees.

HR department organize employee reward and recognition programs to honor outperforming employees, conduct recruitment drives across various campuses and in different cities for hiring new employees and are also responsible for organizing company annual functions like annual dinners, founder’s day celebrations etc. The HR department for these purposes, need different corporate gifts spread across two major categories namely Business-to-staff (B2S) for existing and prospective employees and business-to-business (B2B) for partners and external customers. Various items that can be considered by HR department for these gifting needs include customized office supplies, stationeries, apparels, electronic items, trophies, art and craft items, Chocolates, Greeting cards, clocks and watches, gift vouchers etc. But what gifts do the HR professionals prefer the most to give to their employees? Interestingly previous researches give the following results:

Chocolate, coffee & other goodies 47%
Books & music 32%
Individualized gifts 14%
Charitable Gifts 7%


Moving on to the other side of the equations, people usually gift the HR professionals to keep a good repo with them and as a note of thanks for their efforts in building and sustaining a cheerful organization culture. There can be many options to consider while gifting to any HR but the same research shows that most HR professionals like to receive the following:

Speciality food or spirits 62%
Gifts that pamper 29%
Gifts that give back/time with friends/family 9%

Some of these preferred gift items include home brew equipment and supplies, gems and jewelries and personalized cards etc.

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In a nutshell, corporate gifting gives you an opportunity to connect with your clients and employees, strengthen the ties, and share your holiday cheer. You just need to browse through and select the gift items of your choice and we will take care of the rest from packaging to delivery of best gifts for your upcoming events and functions at the choice of your location. Happy gifting!

Corporate gifts in HR